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Alicia's Financial Corner LLC was created to empower individuals.

My Goal is to Help You Build a Better Relationship with Money!

Alicia's Financial Corner LLC was created to EMPOWER individuals! As your financial coach, Alicia's primary objective is to educate individuals about their finances and provide different techniques and strategies to become more financially stable. In addition, she helps individuals improve interview skills and create resumes that will highlight skills and expertise. The interview preparation and resume services are intended to increase personal cash flow by helping you to land your dream job or career. If you are looking for advice to better organize your personal finances or figure out a way to perform your very best in your next job interview, you came to the right place! 


Meet The Owner

Alicia Gage

Alicia Gage, pronounced (A-lish-a), owner and creator of Alicia’s Financial Corner LLC, currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina. At the very young age of 16, Alicia had a passion for finance, which allowed her to obtain a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Finance. She also enjoys the ability to help others. On the journey to discovering her purpose, Alicia stepped out on faith and created an organization that combines both passions. 

 As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Accountant, and Financial Coach, Alicia dedicates her time to helping others build a better relationship with money. During her personal budgeting and credit education services, Alicia provides several techniques and strategies to budget, save, eliminate debt, and maintain a high credit score. She educates others on the importance of bank literacy and also helps individuals reach their career goals with her resume and interview preparation services.  

From both personal and professional experience, Alicia has gained a substantial amount of knowledge about personal finance and seeks to help others learn about it too. With over 6 years of professional experience in the banking industry, Alicia continues to use her banking knowledge to educate individuals on the importance of financial literacy. She is highly motivated by the word SUCCESS. Growing up in a community with negative stereotypes, Alicia wanted to prove that “It doesn’t matter where you come from, but what you make out of it.” 

She is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting to help increase her knowledge in the financial world. She continues to educate herself daily so that she can EMPOWER others to take control of their finances too.  

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