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Resumes/Cover Letters

Are you finding it hard to find a job? What about a career in your field? Have any recruiters called you back after countless job applications submitted?

It could be your resume that's holding you back!

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Alicia's Financial Corner LLC resume session strives in highlighting your greatest strengths and skills that will look more appealing to employers. The goal is to make sure you stand out in today's fierce job market.

Cover Letters: $25

High School Level- $15/$10 with Resume

College Level-$20/$15 with Resume


High School Level- $25

College Level-$40

*Federal Resumes-*Not offered. Case by case scenario*

Printed Resume Copies

(On resume paper):

*1-3 copies: $7

*4-8 copies: $15

*9-14 copies: $30

*15-20 copies:$45


The turn around time for resumes/cover letters is 3-5 business days. Please allow 24-72 hours for in-depth research

$10 extra for all Resumes with color 

$60 extra for resumes that have to be written from scratch

$50-$100 extra for resumes needed with 24 hours

50% resume revisions (originally created by Alicia's Financial Corner)

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