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Are you finding it hard to save? Do you set a savings goal each year but fall short?


Preparing for the unexpected is how you handle the unexpected. Savings builds the foundation for financial success. It helps to provide financial security for any financial burdens that may arise.


The problem with savings is that, well it is hard to save. Saying that you will save $5000 in a year sounds easy, but actually saving is the hard part.


An alternative to the traditional savings method I found useful over the past few years is a money challenge. Money challenges are designed to help you save, without feeling like you are actually saving. It makes savings both challenging and fun. And, if you are like me, I’m always ready for a challenge, especially when it comes to my finances!


This booklet provides over 15 daily, weekly, and monthly saving money challenges to help you save between $150-$10,000. It is designed for anyone-whether you get paid once a month, daily, or once a week. This booklet also contains monthly financial affirmations, positive financial quotes, a monthly progress calendar/worksheet, and a 30-day financial activity challenge to help reshape your financial mindset.


In addition to saving, a money challenge can also be used to eliminate debt as well. So if you have a stubborn credit card that you just can’t get rid of or if you want to pay your car off early, a money challenge will help to do just that.


The time is NOW to get serious about your financial situation.


Purchase my money challenge booklet today!

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Money Challenges

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