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It's a PANDEMIC: 5 Things to Focus on Right Now

We thought this thing would end, but numbers are continuing to increase. Unemployment cases are still on the rise. All of this has caused a high level of uncertainty in the economy. This is evident in the stock market. We have watched the Dow Jones drop on numerous occasions causing many to lose money in their investment and retirement accounts.

Because there is so much uncertainty, you want to make sure you protect your finances. You want to ensure that you are making smart decisions just in case something was to drastically happen to you during this pandemic. Below, I am going to provide 5 essentials that you should focus on right now.


Cash is King! The more cash you have, the less you have to worry about in case of a financial downturn. This is the time to stash as much cash as possible. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! as much as you can. Also, limit personal spending. Avoid spending like you normally do.


If you have experienced a decline in income, or have some uncertainty about your current job status, I highly recommend that you still make payments on your debts, but do it at a minimum. This will allow you to stash more cash to have on hand just in case you experience a complete job loss or an unexpected financial emergency arises.


My favorite six-letter word! Budgeting will help you to organize and prioritize your finances. It will help you stay on track and avoid overspending during the pandemic. If you don't have a budget, I highly recommend that you CREATE ONE TODAY! Also, my personal budgeting session is designed to help you budget properly so that you can manage your finances properly.

4. Focus on the 4 Essentials: (Rent/Mortgage, Cash, Utilities, Food)

Protect your 4 financial walls. before you do anything else. These 4 things are essential to life so it's important to protect it during this time. As income comes in, always cover these 4 expenses first.

5. Stay Home:

The most obvious thing! Numbers are continuing to increase every day especially since things are opening back up. If you do have to go outside, wear a mask. Keep hand sanitizer with you at all times. Avoid large crowds. Stay home if you can!

Remember these 5 important things to ensure you survive COVID-19!

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