Personal Budgeting

According to a report,

-23% of Americans have no emergency savings,

-22% have less than three months worth of expenses saved,

-18% have enough to cover between three to five months worth of expenses,

-29% have enough to cover six months worth of their experiences or more.

-USA Today

Do you have an emergency savings?

During the Personal Budgeting session, the goal is to create a more structured budget that will help to achieve any financial goals. During each session, the following areas will/can be discussed:

1. Steps to creating a realistic monthly budget

2. Strategic plan to achieve short-term financial goals (1-5 years)

3. Creating a personal cash reserve to handle minor unforeseen financial obligations (emergency fund)

4. Retail (consumer) banking literacy and terminology

5. How to analyze bills and decrease monthly expenditures

6. Specific personal savings goals

7. Tips to help maximize current income

8. FICO credit score literacy and education *****Credit repair is not included*****

9. Debt elimination techniques

10. Keys to releasing financial bondage and building a solid financial foundation that will lead to financial prosperity. 

****Special Session****

****Regular Sessions****

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