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Personal Q&A Session

Do you have a general question about personal finance and want to find the right solution to your problem?

As a certified financial education instructor and financial coach, my goal is to help resolve any personal finance questions you may have. If you want to know more about finance, but do not necessarily want to schedule a personal one-on-one session, then sign up today for a personal Q&A session. 

Some commonly asked questions include:

1. How do I create a budget?

2. Should I save or eliminate debt first?

3. What are some ways to save to start investing?

4. Bank products- which one is the best for me?

5. How can I build an emergency fund?

6. I want to purchase a house, what are the steps to becoming a first-time homebuyer?

7. How can I build a solid financial foundation that will lead to financial prosperity?

8. How can I boost my credit score in the next 30 days?

9. Increasing income and eliminating debt- how can I do this?

10. What are some tips for writing a great resume and cover letter?


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