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Flexible Payment Planning

Helping You To Build A Better Relationship With Money AND Live Your Best Life Financial!

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“Through Alicia’s knowledge and passion for finance and money management I’ve been able to not only build a better relationship with managing my money and saving but also transform the way I’ve felt about my student loan debt. I have a new and hopeful perspective that has helped me to save and establish a budget that will help me begin to pay off my debt and prepare for future dreams. I’m grateful for Alicia’s expertise, her encouragement, time, and the tools and resources she has provided. I feel more confident in building and expanding upon my financial future because of it!"

-Brittany, Arizona

"I went to Alicia because I needed help with budgeting and paying off debt. Alicia made a budget for me down to the last dime. With her help, I was able to pay off all my credit cards. Also when I was ready to transition into another position within my department I went to Alicia. She made my resume and we did an interview prep. Needless to say, I got the job. From budgeting to resumes, to tips on interviewing there is no other person I would recommend other than Alicia's Financial Corner. She's knowledgeable and takes pride in what she does. "

-Danielle Charleston, SC

"Alicia was amazing at helping jumpstart budgeting AND sticking to it. I'm going into the second month confidently."

-Facebook Review, Charleston, SC

"She was great in explaining how to dispute items on my credit and coming up with a plan to get the credit score I desire."

-Facebook Review, Charleston, SC

"I highly recommend her services. I utilized her gold package for resume and cover letter building. Her professionalism and keen eye for every single detail was amazing."

-Facebook Review, Charleston SC

"The company is very professional with a fast turn around. During Covid-19, Alicia revamped my resume. I received multiple offers within 24-72 hours."

-Facebook Review, Charleston SC

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